Drumset & Percussion

“independence, swing, jazz, latin, fusion, funk, rock & roll”
Training is comprehensive; technique, reading, coordination, improvisation and application. The student is guided through rudimental, orchestral, and contemporary percussion literature. Emphasis is placed upon ensemble participation; a unique opportunity for the student to experience playing in a percussion ensemble. Lessons includes training on timpani, marimba, vibraphone, xylophone & multi-percussion.

Image of Bob with Award Winning Student

Piano & Voice
“classical, jazz, contemporary, rock, gospel, Bel Canto, blues, swing”
Although many demands are put upon pianists and vocalists, it is important to remember to 1) Have Fun, and understand that 2) It’s okay to make mistakes! Children, of all ages, need to enjoy all that they do. Music training is no exception. Of course, students are required to meet the demands of good technique and performance etiquette, but are encouraged to stretch their limits.

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Theory & Composition
“theory, sight-singing, ear-training, style”
Students are expected to meet basic levels of composition and theory in order to improve their performance level. Most excellent music schools require a basic knowledge of these. Students who are able to command these essentials greatly increase their chances for college scholarships.

Image of Bob Teaching Music Class to Scouts

“acting, presentation, public speaking”
Students learn fundamentals of character development. A special emphasis is placed on overcoming performance anxiety (“stage fright”): methods include meditation, free improvisation, visual, aural, and memory drills. Lessons address speech problems, diction, and grammar.

Let the “JOY” begin!!

winter recital honors class